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Due to my health Floral Design 57 is closed.

I create original one of a kind floral arrangements. My designs feature Olympia or local grown flowers. Consequently, I do not carry all the traditional florist flowers all the time.

Floral Design 57 is open seasonally through October.

I grow most of the flowers used in my designs, occasionally I purchase from other local growers. I do purchase salal from Wild Greens International, all the flowers are exclusively grown and designed by Floral Design 57.

I received my Floral Design Certifications from the Floral Design Institute in 2016. I use flowers that that are long lasting and provide striking color combinations. I also try to include a fragrance if requested or available.

My floral designs are rich in color, and use a variety of flowers that mature over 3-7 days. Some flowers mature faster than others, I balance this with several flowers that bloom later in waves of color for full effect. If the recipient of one of my designs keeps the vessel full of clean clear water and display it out of direct sunlight in a room no warmer than 70 degrees, the piece can last up to 10 days. Consequently if the design is placed in a bright warm room it may not last 3 days. Its up to each recipient to feed the design.

No refunds after 24hrs.

Please visit my instagram page for examples of my work found at floral_designer57

Price List-$74.47

About Rick Johnson

My entire life has been spent working with plants. I am a Thurston County native and live in Olympia with my husband Dennis. We moved to Olympia in 1995 from south Thurston County. In 1996 we were one of the host sites for that years Garden Rhapsody tour. I studied horticulture in college and spent decades working on invasive species. I am now doing what I love, arranging flowers.


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