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I received certification from the Floral Design Institute, a State of Oregon accredited educational school.

I have spent my entire life working with plants. In 1996 my gardens were part of the Garden Rhapsody tour sponsored by the Thurston County Master Gardeners. My previous career involved management of Invasive Plants. After 37 years of working in that career, I have an eye for nature and what looks natural. I believe this is reflected in the kinds of floral design I produce today. I am also a Private Pest Consultant.

I grow most of my own flowers during the growing season. The local flower season for FD57 is April-September. I use Silver Springs Organic compost, as well as augment my soil with fertilizer and minerals from Black Lake Organic. I always shop with local flower producers first, and I always prefer my own home grown flowers whenever possible. If the requested flower is out of season I utilize local farmers before heading to a floral warehouse.

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About Rick Johnson

My entire life has been spent working with plants. I am a Thurston County native and live in Olympia with my husband Dennis. We moved to Olympia in 1995 from south Thurston County. In 1996 we were one of the host sites for that years Garden Rhapsody tour. I studied horticulture in college and spent decades working on invasive species. I am now doing what I love, arranging flowers.

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